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Name: Shawn Dauphin a.k.a JC BooM!
Hometown: Chatham, Ontario
Currently reside in: Ottawa
Genre: BASS/Dubstep/Trap/DnB/Electro

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DJ Mag Canada: Not only are you a successful DJ/Producer, you hold multiple residencies AND you also run Capital Boom Records, impressive. Tell us about your career, when did you get started in music and what has brought you to where you are today?

JC BooM: It all started back in the mid 80’s, I was always into music. My mother claims I was not interested in cartoons all I wanted to watch was Much Music (when they actually played music). Got my first drum set at 3 and the rest just fell into place. I think the fact I was always around musicians growing up, and actually spent quality time with some hip-hop DJs back in the day has influenced me a lot when it comes to my chosen path. I spent some time in the London area with a group of young ambitious DJs that gave me an opportunity to learn from them, eventually buying my first pair of Technics 1200 turntables in late 98’. I started with basic beat matching which lead to an obsession with layering tracks to put my own twist on things. The infatuation with electronic music came around the same time (late 90s) listening to early Tiesto, PVD, Oakenfold, Slinky series, Keoki & more which later evolved with the music with new genres (or new to me), I found myself having a hard time to this day being bound to one specific genre. Im proud to say I have played most major cities in Canada to this day, and have a positive outlook when it comes to future bookings.

DJ Mag Canada: Tell us the story behind Capital Boom Records.

JC BooM: The story behind Capital Boom, well that was simple. I had been interning with a few independent labels around 2009/2010. I had recently moved to Ottawa and was having issues getting my name out. I was having a conversation with a fellow musician when they suggested with the vast amount of knowledge I had running the back end, and my self proclaimed “Amazing” taste in music that I should look into launching my own label. The next week Capital Boom was born. To date we have topped beatport charts reaching as high as #2 on the top 100. We have signed artists from all corners of the globe, and recently launched a more local concept with FLEX Entertainment which has given us the opportunity to bring some of those artists to Ottawa to perform. Currently we host a monthly event at Ritual Nightclub as well as one of events at other venues around the city.

DJ Mag Canada: Who in your opinion are Ottawa’s leading nightlife personalities?

JC BooM: In my honest opinion, Ariyan has to be one of the most influential people in the Ottawa circuit. Drastik is another of my favorites but he has since relocated and launched a new very successful project. I hope to one day be put in the same category as those talented individuals.

DJ Mag Canada: As you wind down a successful 2013, what can we expect to see in 2014

JC BooM: In November, I’ll be opening for Datsik. Next year, lots of releases coming with the label, and events locally. I’m pushing hard in 2014 to establish a report with partygoers of the capital region. Also hoping to do more travelling and road gigs. Looking forward to Escapade 2014 in hopes I will again be a part of the line up.




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